Anna Priakhina


Art photographer from Russia Murmansk. I am engaged in photography not so long ago, about 4 years ago I decided that I wanted to create something new, exciting viewer’s attention.

Now I have publications in different magazines.

Curator “Erotic by Woman” @iconicartistmagazine 


Participant of international exhibitions:

1.SUBLIMATION Arles 2019 a part of Voies OFF festival in Arles July 2019

2.PURPLEHAZE COLOUR Exhibition in Haze Gallery in Berlin, october 2019

3.SPC Photo Awards Basel, Basel 16 January 2020

4.Familiar Stranger – Collective Imagery At The Time of Mobile Photography. Exhibition from Photographic museum of humanity (ig: PHmuseum) 15 January at gallery in Strada Maggiore, Bologna, Italy

5.HAZERESIDENT001 Exhibition in Haze Gallery in Berlin, 30 January 2020

6.FEMME FATALE Exhibition in Paris, May 2020


Artist statement.
Photography is a communicating with the viewer. I constantly try something new, try to act according to my feelings. I am inspired by various sources, constantly expanding my knowledge. It helps me realize my ideas through photography.
I love surrealistic works, with some exaggeration. I take the archetype as a basis, add a “punctum”, a concept and a story. Thus, I try to flip something in the usual view of the viewer and touch his soul.

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