Artist Spotlight - Daria Zaseda

From today on,  we’ll  start to introduce our artists, who are taking part in the HAZEGALLERY “FASHION & ART exhibition from the  19th  of March – 5th of April!

Daria Zaseda is a self-taught from Kiew, Ukraine. Daria expresses different directions and subjects of contemporary and fine art on canvas , but there are two predominant issues of her interest – the multidimensions  of colours and women.

Here is a Blitz Q&A to Daria

–  Kyiv or Europe?
I live in Kiev, but my big dream to become a citizen of the world: sell my flat and travel around the globe all my life and never stop)

– Talent you wish you had?
I wish I can write the music playing in my head or film my bright night dreams and show them to public. As for my profession, I wish I could draw people like Durer

– Dream Collab?
I would like to collab with some sculptor and make 3d version of my paintings. Or find 2-3 artists and play with them in game “finish my painting and I’ll finish yours”

– When are you happiest?
I’m so happy when I making my art – it’s like beautiful meditation ever

– Best advice to fellow artists?
Never stop doing what you do, even if nobody understand your dream Daria Zaseda at the

Thank you!

* Daria will be present at the Exhibition Vernissage on 19th of MArch at the HAZEGALLERY Berlin

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