Artist Spotlight - Eugeniya Yashva

How important is a degree in Art field?

In my opinion a degree in Arts is very  important – it gives you better background knowledge and understanding of how the whole market works for an artist. Generally I do support the idea of studying during the whole life – it is the best way to widen the horizons ina  person’s head. At the moment I study in the Rodchenko Art School as there is always something I would love to grow into.

Greatest achievement so far?

I would say its my book «I am the same as them» that will be published this spring. Its personal story of my relationships with mom and grandma through my art. Im really proud of this work, cause this book made me better as artist.

Whats you view on fame?

I would say its good to be well known in particular circles  because it gives you  an amazing opportunity to be heard and your art can speak out loud (if speaking about artists). But in the same time last thing I would want for myself to make my art depend on fame. Anyway your popularity must be a result, not a target.

Greatest fear?

Thats good question, deep one. Ok, I guess my greatest fear is to live life in easy way – I mean escape hard decisions, agree with someones opinion for my own life. For me it means lost interest to life itself.

Book you read recently?

I love books and I read lots of them. Last one was book of Yukio Mishima «The Temple of the Golden Pavilion». I love the way how Mishima shows Mizoguchi’s soul, fears, desires and how it lead to such a decision he took. Unbelievable how Mishima uses such an easy and loosely going language but translates deep personal drama with it. I love such works that leave reader with double expresion after – I still don’t know what I feel more to novel’s hero, understanding or aversion.

Thank you Evgeniya! We are looking forward to show your work at the “ART & FASHION” exhibition 19th of March!

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