Artist Spotlight - photographer Alina Gross

Alina is an international Photographer from Germany.  Her work was published in vogue.it Italia, Glamour Italia, nakid Magazin USA and many more.

HAZEGALLERY is proud to present Alinas work at the upcoming ART & Fashion Exhibition!

Here are some Q&A with the artist!

What was a starting point in your career? 

At 18, a classmate asked me if I wanted to be her model. Standing in front of the camera made me interested in the work behind it. That’s how I came to photography and later to photo art.

Biggest success so far? 

Finale of the 2018 Photovogue Festival with an exhibition with the Vogue Italia team in Milan with a work on the New Renaissance.

What do you think about fame? 

Glory opens doors and closes others.

Biggest fear? 

I have not yet become a victim of cyberbullying. But my biggest fear is that my art will be judged from a strange point of view and that, based on unsuspecting assumptions, a pogrom-like shit storm will develop that will not only be limited to the Internet, but will continue to be used with private threats. I am stunned that a chain reaction can explode at any time after a spark. This lust for destruction of so many people who think they are acting for the good.

Best advice you have ever received?

Do your thing and be yourself. Even if you fail, it is better than trying to satisfy any taste and losing yourself in the process.

Thank you Alina! Hope to see your works presented at the HAZEGALLERY soon!

Artists IG @alina.gross







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