Artist Spotlight - photographer Claudia Araujo

Claudia Araujo has worked as a fashion and design photographer since the 1990s and specializes in modern portraiture. Born in Brazil, Araujo began her study of photography learning the classical techniques at various studios . Her first published photographs appeared in O Globo, a major daily newspaper based in Rio de Janeiro. While honing her skills, she worked with numerous actors, musicians, designers and labels. In 1996, the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro put her in charge of its photo lab. During the twenty years she held that position, she taught fashion and still life photography and supervised a multitude of projects. Today, she combines her extensive knowledge of analogue photography with the possibilities of the digital age. Claudia Araujo currently lives in Berlin, where she works as a freelance commercial photographer.

Q & A with the artist

How did you get into photography?

When I was teenager my mother gave me an analog camera and I put a black and white film in it and started photographing my friends. Also my home city Brasilia, with its dry climate, very few trees and exact shadow lines, was a big inspiration for discovering my passion for the image. Until today I see photography as a window of my soul.

How would you describe the color palette of your photographs? 
The photos have contrasting colors that refer to an autumn atmosphere, mixing military green and darker red, and strokes of gold.

How important is the presentation of your work?
Presenting my images in public gives me the opportunity to convey ideas, with the help of the power of emotions. And it is always an important feedback, to see how people react to my photographic language.

Favourite Artist: Peter Lindbergh

What is your favorite museum or art gallery and why?

Camera Work, because its curation gives me the opportunity to really focus on one artists work

Theank you Claudia

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