"Don't kill me" by Victoria Rosenman

Solo exhibition by Victoria Rosenman “Don’t kill me” 

Location: Haze Gallery | Bülowstraße, 11 10783 Berlin

Curated by Irina Rusinovich 

Opening 4/6 at 7pm – 11 pm | Duration 5/6 – 21/06

A new solo exhibition by visual artist Victoria Rosenman takes place from June 5 till 21 at Haze Gallery. The official opening is held a day before, on June 4. The exhibition “Don’t kill me” features the artists’ reflection on the internal life, including the nature of emotional tensions and controversies between one’s present self and one’s inner child.  Victoria Rosenman takes the image of a child (das Kind) as a symbol of innocence, sincerity, and freedom, — those features are counterposed to the mental state of an adult, who doesn’t usually pay much attention to the inner child’s voice. However, das Kind finds ways to manifest itself in the reality, showing through one’s bizarre behavior in relations with others. Also with regard to loss of individual freedom, the artist raises the issue of “deliberate uncertainty”,  which from her own experience, comes as an integral part of being a muse. Continuing her famous series “Vom Vernichten einer Muse” (Destruction of A Muse), Victoria Rosenman keeps on extracting creative energy and latent force from the passive condition of serving as an inspiration to someone.

Victoria Rosenman, the artist: “Who are you? What do you see in me? What could I be to you? What would I be without you? How far are you going to go? What are you letting? How does the emotional tension unload? Do we reach the contemplative level of absolute art or do we crash? For me as an artist, my emotional counterpart has always been a muse, so I want to explore the boundaries between my own ability to give up myself and pure obsession”.

About the Artist:

Born in Saint-Petersburg in 1986. Studied arts in Basel, Switzerland from 2008 till 2011. After graduating, Victoria moved to Berlin the same year. The artist has been taking part in group exhibitions since 2009, having her solo shows since 2011. Her best known solo exhibition “Destruction of A Muse” (Vom Vernichten einer Muse) has been displayed five times at various locations. In 2014 the artist won a scholarship from the Munich Association of Photographers (PIC Verband) for implementing her artistic project. Exhibitions by Victoria Rosenman are primarily shown in German and Swiss art galleries and museums.

The artist’s page: vicrosenman.com

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Hours :  Tuesday – Thursday  3 pm – 6pm, Mo, Fr & Saturday by appointment.

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