Q&A with a Polish contemporary collage artist - Marlena Machnio -

Marlena Machnio – a Polish contemporary collage artist. The main motifs appearing on her works are models, exclusive interiors from journals, archival photographs and motifs taken from pop culture.

(source  Marlena Machnio  )

We are delighted to represent Marlenas Work at HAZE.GAllery in Berlin and traditonally asked some vital questions to get to know the artist  better!

Whats your definition of beauty?

  • For me beauty is being fair with your inner nature. When You find the balance then You feel beautiful. Beauty doesn’t like artificiality.


Tell us about the spaces within which you live and work.

  • My workplace where I prepare stuff, cut, paste, often paint, create is at my home. But the art zone is everywhere there. Whole apartament is full of my collages, paintings and sculptures. We read with them, eat and drink coffee 😊


Has social media had a positive impact on your work?

  • Of course, for most of the time I was doing my work just for myself, as a hobby. Later on I’ve started to show some of them threw Facebook and Instagram and show it to people who are also keen on art and collage strictly. I was interested about the feedback about my work. I think that social media improved my work.


How important is the presentation of your work?

  • I use a lot of different medias but most of the collages I make on paper. Of course you can stuck it into the basic frame and place it in a hallway, but I can assure You that the same work, framed in a nice way and hanged on the wall in a special place for you where You can analyse it very often and in a different circumstances. Then you become close friends.


Can you tell us about the process of making your work?

  • I very often have an idea, a plan of what I would like to create. The specific topic. But in the reality it changes most of the time. I search for inspiration everywhere – going to the exhibitions, looking threw the albums, magazines, old books etc. When I find the key object then I search for more to create a scene, a situation. To make people think while they observe the final work. Then of course I make a lot of mess around just to put all the bits and pieces together .


What visual references do you draw upon in your work?

  • I’m a type of an observer. I observe people, nature, street, architecture. I take inspiration out of it and then use it in my work.


What is your favorite museum or art gallery and why?

  • I go to Paris to watch the art. I thing that this is one of the places in Europe where You can find the biggest Art in one city. My favourite places to visit is either Grand Palais or Centre Pompidou. Grand Palais was the first I visited being in Paris few years ago and there was an incredible exhibition of Jean Paul Gaultier the designer. The whole exhibition was a masterpiece! Threw the years there were also fantastic exhibitions of classics and modern art as well. It is always prepared very thoughtful way. There is also Centre Pompidou. I am a freak about the modern art so I can go there just like that and know that there will always be something for me. Last year I went to Paris to see “Le cubism” the exhibit of the fines Cubists but what a surprise I had when next door exhibition of Victor Vasarely opened the day before. Yes, these two are my favourite.


Why do you love what you do?

  • Because I let my thoughts leave my head while I create. Sometimes there is too much stuff going on around me, too much noises, everyday problems. I can’t work then. But the moment I sit down and open another album or a magazine with beautiful photographs it just clicks and I can spend few hours cutting the paper or combining two elements. I love creating scenes out of nothing and giving another life to the old photos.


Thank you 

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